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Strategy Workshop


In order to tailor the workshop to meet your organisation's needs and current strategic state, our coaches will conduct research with a cross section of your team. 

Workshop Deliverables
Companies new to the Rockefeller Habits, will need to complete a two day workshop with all their senior management. The workshop will be designed to develop alignment within the senior management team and buy-in to any elements completed during the workshop. Therefore complete participation of key stakeholders is required.
This facilitated and highly productive workshop will provide the following elements on a one page strategic plan.

Core Values & Beliefs

The “should’s” and “shouldn’t” that guide your decisions, attitudes, behaviours and performance. Should be 5-10 mandates upon which your vision for the future is built.


This is a philosophical statement about WHY you’re in business. The core Purpose puts “heart” into the business.


“Big Hairy Audacious Goal” – 10-25 years out. Something that would make your organisation legendary and challenges you to greatness. From author of the book ‘From Good to Great – Jim Collins’.


Defines the company’s expected geographical reach, product/service offering and expected market share.

Brand Promise

The key to measuring if you are delivering what your customers need. We will define your brand promise (sometimes called your value added proposition or differentiator).


3 to 5 key strategic goals and relevant implementation plans and key accountability defined for each priority. These will be 3-5 years, Annual and Quarterly priorities.

KPI’s or Critical Numbers

Identify the measurement to enable the organisation to track performance and quickly address shortfalls.

Meeting Rhythm

A critical success factor, the meeting rhythm will be defined to suit the organisation, but taking into consideration the Rockefeller Habits recommendations.

All elements above will be worked through during the workshop, however the One Page Plan normally takes review, reflection and adjustments to ensure it is a fully operational tool for your organisation.


Pre-work will need to be completed by all management team members, in order to capitalise on the time in the workshop.  This includes:

Pre-thinking and notes for the completion of a SWOT as the first task in the workshop
Review of
Harvard Business Review Article on Creating a Company Culture
Reading of Verne’s book, ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’


What is BHAG?

Alignment & Execution