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Facilitation & Coaching
In addition to being professional Strategy Coaches, our team have also been used as facilitators and coaches for a variety of projects. 

Working closely with the client to define their needs, any type of meeting can be effectively facilitated. Maximising results when a group of senior professionals gather in a meeting is a key.  Strong ideas & wills, varying priorities and differing a sense of urgency mean teams can leave important meetings with lots of decision but no concrete commitments.  biz-strategy senior facilitators provide structure, control and guaranteed outcomes from any meeting.

Executive Coaching

Most individuals want to achieve specific goals so that they may become more successful.  Coaching provides the opportunity and support to focus time and energy on these goals so that they may be realised. The coaching sessions are not based on theoretical understanding but on implementing sound leadership concepts in the workplace. The coach and the coachee co design a coaching plan based around a joint view of the individual’s needs.

Team Coaching
Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) is a groundbreaking model for coaching relationship systems in organisations such as teams and partnerships.  It provides the coach with a model to work directly with the relationship that exists between the individuals in a group, rather than focus on working individually with each member of the group. In this way, the relationship is treated as the client and all the work that is done, is in service of the relationship. The objective is to strengthen the relationship between the individuals thereby improving communication, trust and collaboration in a group, which in turn will positively impact the overall performance of the group.


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