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Mastering Rockefeller Habits

The fundamental ideas that produce real market value and owner wealth are based on the same habits John D. Rockefeller employed to master the Oil Industry (meeting rhythm, metrics and priorities). During that era, Rockefeller’s disciplined approach to business replaced the helter-skelter methods of the original pioneering speculators. These important habits need to be embraced by all companies that want to execute on their strategy. The objective of these habits is tripling profitability and/or dramatically increasing cash flow of a business while blocking out the competition.


These tools and approaches are ideal for any organisation that want to grow fast, or find themselves in a fast growth market and needs business disciplines to maximise the opportunities.

  • Priorities: Does the company have five top priorities for the year and the quarter (even the month, if expanding over 100% annually) and a clear No. 1 priority along with an appropriate theme? Do everyone’s personal priorities align with the company’s?
  • Data: Does the business have sufficient data on a regular basis to provide insight into how well it is running? Does everyone have at least one key daily or weekly metric driving performance?
  • Rhythm: Does the organisation have an effective rhythm of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings to maintain alignment and drive accountability? Are the meetings well run and useful?

biz-ability works with companies to introduce the habits and work with the One Page Plan as the foundation of successful alignment during one and two-day workshops, as well as ongoing coaching to maintain focus and momentum.



Gazelles International based in the USA, and founded by Verne Harnish, dubbed The Growth Guy, and author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits as lead coach and business guru to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  Gazelles is a consortium of hand-picked, independent management consultant affiliates who have joined together to assist growth companies to understand, adopt and implement time-tested business tools and processes to improve profitability and operational performance.