You Are Here About Us

In 2005 Hazel Jackson, CEO of biz-ability, met Verne Harnish through an Entrepreneurs Conference in the States.  Intrigued by Verne’s presentation, biz-ability started implementing the Rockefeller Habits.  Firstly using Verne as their coach then committing to one of his coaches from Canada, biz-ability grew from strength to strength.  With total belief in the process and the evidence of its impact on the bottom line, Hazel Jackson became the first accredited coach in the Middle East to represent Verne.
The simplicity and effectiveness of the tools and approach meant our clients became as committed to the Rockefeller Habits as we were. Great results in clients and word of mouth created biz-strategy! We are excited about being Passionate about Performance, which is the central purpose of the business.

Our core values describe our internal culture and the way we create partnerships with our customers:

• Genuinely Care About Delivering Results
• Believe Anything is Possible
• Combining Strengths
• Biz-Energy
• Tell You What You Need to Hear
• Supporting People’s Personal Growth

They form the core of Who We Are.